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We have worked with United Nations, Eduardo Mondlane University and others...


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Marketing, Communication and Public Relations Consulting

Visualize Multimédia is a Mozambican company based in Maputo, which has contributed to the achievement of the objectives of various organizations and companies with regard to their visibility and marketing.

Imagine your business without customers, it is worth absolutely nothing and cannot exist. We help companies and organizations to have customers and reach beneficiaries.

Any business, successful or not, needs a marketing plan. Especially if you're starting out, because you can't waste money on uncoordinated marketing efforts. If it is an established business, you will need a marketing plan if you are venturing into a new market or if you are trying to expand your business.

Visualize Multimédia provides Marketing consulting, and can design your Marketing strategy as well as implement and execute it. We provide not only consulting but also finished products for your marketing strategy, such as marketing plan, websites, printing materials and we provide all your design needs for a congruent corporate image.

We also provide consulting for NGOs, we are in a position to meet all the communication needs of an NGO including photographic record of activities and management of website and social media. If you have a small team and are not in a position to hire a dedicated communication officer for each of your projects, hire our marketing and communication consulting services, and we can work with your existing communication officer or we can work directly with your organization's management to achieve the visibility of your actions.

We will also do public relations consulting in the same package, and we will ensure that your activities and those of your donors do not go unnoticed in the media.

We have in our team specialists trained in Marketing and Public Relations, who live and breathe communication and marketing. We cover all industries.

Hiring marketing consulting services is more advantageous and cheaper, because it outsources an entire department of your organization and because you will get a quality service, from professionals entirely dedicated to this area. Instead of paying several salaries, you will have the expertise of an entire marketing, communication and public relations team in a single service.

We do marketing, communication and public relations consulting throughout Mozambique, we are based in Maputo, but we can travel for key issues.

To grow your business or to have visibility, the smartest thing you can do is to reserve a budget for marketing, the second smartest thing is to hire Visualize Multimédia, to provide consulting, design your campaign, implement it and the presentation of initial projections and ROI reports (return on investment), once the activities are finished.

We are ready to elevate your institution and give you the distinction, recognition and visibility you deserve.

We can do for you:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Communication Plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing Research (market, consumers, competitors, opportunities)
  • Internal marketing
  • Sales and Sales Personnel Training
  • Video, Audio and Photography
  • Production of Radio Programs, Radio Advertising and Podcasts
  • Video Production and Video Advertising (Commercials)
  • Billboards and Posters Production
  • Branding and Product Design
  • Corporate image
  • Brand Design and New Brand Introduction
  • Segmentation and Positioning in the National Market
  • Internal communication
  • Public relations with press at country level
  • Lobbies

If your goal is marketing, communication and public relations in Maputo or Mozambique and you don't know what to do, but you know that you have to do it, contact us and we can give you the following results:

for NGOs:

  • Visibility of NGO and donor
  • Achieving the Objectives of Promotion, Awareness and Community Education
  • Communication Plan and its Implementation
  • Diffusion of Activities on Social Media
  • Communication Material Production and Design
  • Photography and Video

for businesses:

  • Increased Sales by new customers and existing customers
  • Profit Increase
  • Increased Market Penetration
  • Increased Sales (within a Marketing strategy)
  • Opportunity Identification


If your company or organization is based in Mozambique, and you have a budget saved for promoting your company or for giving visibility to your organization, contact us.
We can work with you by submitting a quote for marketing and communication iconsulting services and production, or we can work with your budget to see what is possible to do within it.
No matter what type of business or organization, Visualize can help.You should contact us today, because we only work with a total of 5 projects at a time.

We also provide consulting in IT (procurement, security, open source software, and training)

Why work with us.

Communication and Image Experience

Visualize Multimédia has extensive experience in communication and image, having worked for the United Nations, Save the Children, G4S, among others ...

Competitive Pricing

Transparent and competitive pricing.

A Motivated team

Visualize Multimedia has a team of specialists in several areas of communication, Image and Marketing.

Record Delivery

We work with a high sense of urgency, because we know that our customers need us to achieve their objectives.

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